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Explore the My Father’s Cigar Rolling Journey


Join us on a journey through the intricacies of My Father’s cigar crafting process, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and the art of producing exceptional cigars. In the heart of Estelí, Nicaragua, and delve into the artistry of My Father’s cigar production process. 

Nestled amidst the high-altitude tobacco fields of Namanji, a unique region within Nicaragua, we uncover the distinctive flavors that grace this rich tobacco land. At the helm of My Father Cigars is the revered cigarmaker, José “Pepín” Garcia, who, along with his dedicated family, leads the cigar journey, ensuring that each My Father Cigar embodies perfection from seed to ash.

Our cigar-making saga commences within the nurturing embrace of our greenhouse, where only the most robust tobacco plants are handpicked, destined for our fields. With harvested tobacco plants, bare but for the uppermost priming leaves, we transition to the misty ambiance of our destemming room. Here, skilled artisans meticulously extract the central veins from each tobacco leaf, a crucial step in the journey.

The transformation continues as we oversee by hand the changing hues of our tobacco leaves, sizing and sorting them, ensuring that each leaf harmonizes perfectly with the rest, a crucial aspect of the cigar crafting process.

Our premium tobacco is then transported to Tabavalera El Caney, where our filler and binder undergo the crucial fermentation process. Every detail of each leaf is tracked, from its origin on the tobacco farm to its aging process. The patience and precise conditions within our facility are the bedrock of this transformation.

The journey advances to our conditioning department, where each tobacco leaf is painstakingly inspected, ensuring they are primed for the next step, rolling. Enter the “manojo,” a bundle comprised of four gavillas, or hands, of tobacco tightly bound together. This timeless technique, revered by the Garcias, maintains the ideal humidity levels for the wrapper as it ages in a controlled, cold room for an impressive four years.

With unwavering dedication, our bunchers expertly assemble tobacco leaves before placing them into molds that sit partially filled on the rolling table’s ledge. Once these bundles have matured in the molds, they are poised to receive their final, exquisite wrapper and headed to you.



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