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My Father

5 1/4 x 52 ROBUSTO

Price - 125.35

5 1/2 x 54 Belicoso

Price - 140.35

6 x 49 x 54 Crema

Price - 145.35

7 1/2 x 38 Lancero

Price - 161.00

6 x 60 Toro Gordo Box Pressed

Price - 120.85

5 5/8 x 46 Cedro Deluxe Eminentes

Price - 116.15

6 1/2 x 44 Cedro Deluxe Cervantes

Price - 116.15

5 1/4 x 52 Petaca of 5 Robusto

Price - 28.00

One of the most exquisite and amazing Full-Bodied cigars you have ever tasted. The brand, named “My Father”, is made from specially selected tobacco grown at our own farms in Estela, Nicaragua by My Father Cigars, S.A. : The cigars are manufactured under the strictest supervision and consist of the best Habano-Rosado wrapper for an excellent taste. “My Father” is the highest scored and the most prestigious brand of the company. It has an average rating of 93 points, with two “94 Points” in Cigar Aficionado Magazine and has been included for two consecutive years in the Top 25 Best Cigars of the Year. Its elegant packaging consists of 23 cigars in a glossy dark brown box with a unique and high-level presentation.

Wrapper – Habano-Rosado | Binder – Nicaragua | Filler – Nicaragua | Handcrafted in Nicaragua