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My Father Cigars

The Factory And Fields Of My Father Cigars In Nicaragua

A walking tour of the Garcia family’s impressive operation

Once a small, unassuming chinchalle in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, My Father Cigars has grown to a large-scale operation in Nicaragua thanks to the passion and dedication of the Garcia family. In 2022, My Father Cigars produced some 20 million cigars, among them brands such as My Father Le Bijou 1922 and Flor de Las Antillas—both of which have won our Cigar of the Year award. It’s also responsible for third-party brands like Tatuaje.

The surge in demand for premium cigars caused by the pandemic meant significant growth for the company. From 2020 to 2021, My Father doubled the size of its rolling room, doubled its packaging area and doubled the square footage of its box factory.

We walk you through My Father’s vertically-integrated cigar operation, highlighting some of its day-to-day activities at the factory in Estelí as well as a few of its tobacco fields in the high altitudes of Namanji, a region of Nicaragua that brings another unique flavor profile to this rich land of tobacco.

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